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Master Thesis "Mould filling simulation in continuous casting”

Leightweight Components

  • The process simulation of continuous Casting is a very demanding task due to the huge variety of physical effects, that have to be considered.
  • The temperature distribution within the mould is fully coupled with the solidification of strand shell and consequently with mechanical loads the shell has to bear.
  • The primary interest of the metal industry is to control and stabilize the process for proper product quality. Therefore, the thermal process management is essential.
  • One of the main issues might be the numerical investigation of the transient temperature field at the process start. Herein, the convective transport of heat in turn is strongly influenced by a filter bag, which ensures relaxed flow and prevents particles, e.g. oxides from contaminating the melt.
  • One task of this Master’s thesis is to set up a thermal multiphase simulation using conventional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools to predict the transient temperature distribution including the consideration of solidification.
  • Based on this preliminary work and some literature research the effect of the filter bag has to be modelled.
  • Optionally, the temperature distribution has to be transferred to the Finite Element Method analysis tool LS-Dyna for further solid mechanics calculcations.
Your qualifications as an Ingenious Partner (m/f):
  • Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, computational science and engineering, metallurgy, physics or similar
  • Basic knowledge of continuum mechanics
  • Knowledge in stochastic and structural simulation techniques
  • High motivation for interdisciplinary applied research
  • Strong interest in computational software development

What to expect:
EUR 978,- gross per month for 20 hours/week based on the collective agreement. There will be additional company benefits. As a research institution, we are familiar with the supervision and execution of Master theses and we are looking forward to supporting you accordingly!

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